The Kindness Challenge

A free week-long Kindness Intensive

Every day from 28th March - 2nd April | 8.00-8.45am | 6.00-6.45pm

Kindness is a strength that can be developed by anyone. This spring, join us for a week long intensive course to learn how to cultivate kindness and activate it in your life. The foundation of the course is an ancient loving-kindness meditation which we'll teach you in five stages over the week, as well as offering further guidance in an evening workshop. The first session will be at 6pm on the Sunday and the last session 8am on the Friday.

Do you accept the challenge?


>Meditate with us at 8am every day for 5 days.

>Take on one kindness challenge a day.

>Join our kindness workshop at 6pm every day to share your learning in a group.

The course will include:
> Online kindness and meditation guidance twice a day.
> Text message and email motivators. 
> Small group work.
> Q & A.

We look forward to seeing you there.