Staying Well

A Mindfulness Intensive for Positive Mental Health

21 April - 9 June (Weds) | 7.00-8.30pm | Online

Are you Staying Well?

As we find ourselves in the midst of Spring, and we leave the third lockdown, we need more than ever new ways to take care of ourselves, our families and friends. Re-emerging from the pandemic can bring energy, newness and vitality after what has been an unprecedented year.

But it can also bring anxiety and feelings of uncertainty. It is challenging to sustain positivity and not sink into negativity and low mood. We need tools and techniques to help us.

Staying Well is an online course which is based on the gold-standard Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course. The 8 session weekly course will help you become more aware of the thinking that can lead us into self-criticism, low mood, negativity and depression. It will offer you a new perspective, tools and strategies that will enable you to stay well.

The course is structured on the ABC of mindfulness based approaches:

Awareness of our experience.

Being with our experience.

Choosing how best to respond to our experience.

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