Staying Well (MBCT)

An in-person eight-week mindfulness course.

8 weeks | Tue Evenings | 22nd Feb- 12th April | 7.15-9.30pm

| In person at 51 Roman Rd, Bethnal Green |

| Bursary and Subsidised rates available |

Sustaining positive mental states is a challenge. If you’re prone to low mood and depression, it can feel like you don’t have much control over your state of mind. Fortunately, there is an approach which helps you to break the negative cycles into these states.

This February, join experienced mindfulness teacher Dayabhadra for an eight-week course in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. The course will focus on helping you stay well and will take you through the following steps:


Awareness. First, we become more 'mindful', or aware, of what is going on in the mind and body. This helps us to see more clearly the relationship between our thoughts and feelings.

‘Being With’. Next, we cultivate an attitude of kindly acceptance. We learn to relate to ourselves more positively, giving space to our emotions and taking negative thoughts less seriously.

Choices. With a stronger foundation, we are then able to take purposeful action to maintain our wellbeing and respond creatively to change.

What you’ll get:

  • 20 hours of Mindfulness Tuition from an experienced teacher.

  • 8 session summaries and guided practices to download sent to your email.

  • A home practice booklet to keep.

- Learn to meditate or enrich your current meditation practice
- Improve your emotional resilience by approaching difficulties with kindness
- Respond creatively to challenges and change
- Learn new strategies for dealing with depression, low mood, stress and anxiety
- Feel more connected with yourself and those around you

Previous Breathing Space course participants tell us: 

“It gave me the chance to step back and reflect rather than react, which has helped change how I communicate.”

“The most transformational experience of my adult life.”

“I developed helpful skills for my everyday life.”

“I don’t have panic attacks any more, through this course I now notice when I am approaching them and take steps. I feel more in control of my life.”

“It has brought me back to me. Thank you.”

There are a limited number of bursary places available on this course, please email to apply for one of these.

Led by:


As an ordained Buddhist, Dayabhadra has taught meditation for over 20 years, and is an experienced mindfulness practitioner, teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy at Breathing Space for 6 years. He has worked in healthcare education as a Clinical Scientist in the NHS for over 25 years.