Monthly Mindfulness Online Drop-In

October 18th 7-8.15pm

This month, Breathing Space Senior Teacher, Dayabhadra, explores Mind Traps.

Mindfulness can help us observe the thoughts that play a role in stress. These thoughts are common, habitual mental habits that can be called ‘mind traps’. Common mind traps include over-generalizing, expecting perfection and blaming ourselves and others. Once we come to recognize these mind traps, we can more easily avoid falling into them and we can become aware of our own particular thought patterns that lead to stress.

In this session we will be exploring common mind traps and how to deal with them. The session will also include a led meditation on the body and breath.

The evening format:

> Welcome from Dayabhadra
> A short talk on the topic
> Chance for questions and answers
> Guided meditation
> Reflection
> How to maintain the practice at home

What you say about our drop-in sessions:

“These monthly sessions are what I need to keep up with my mindfulness practice. When I refresh something that I previously learnt, I feel better able to cope with my busy life. I have more resources.” Rebecca.

Dayabhadra is a Clinical Scientist with the NHS, and an ordained Buddhist. He has spent years practising and teaching Mindfulness and meditation, and is one of Breathing Space’s Senior Teachers.

We hope you can join us.

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