Kindness Essentials

An four-week course in Kindness Training

4 weeks | Tue Evenings | 28th June- 19th July| 7.15-9.00pm

| In person at 51 Roman Rd, Bethnal Green or Online on Zoom |

Learn the core techniques and tools of Kindness Training in 4 weeks. Mindfulness and kindness have been practised by millions of people for over two and a half millennia to cultivate states of wellbeing, emotional resilience and inner freedom. Here, we teach the basic principles that we know work.

You will learn how to:

> Relate to yourself with greater awareness and care.

> Relate to others with real compassion (not to be confused with being 'nice'!)

> Gain clarity and perspective over your life.

> Appreciate the people, activities and wholesome pleasures in your life that offer joy.

> Actively develop positive mental states.

What you’ll take away:

  • 6 hours of Tuition from an experienced teachers.

  • 4 session summaries and guided practices to download sent to your email.

  • A paperback or e-reader copy of Dr Paramabandu's Mindful Emotion  

  • A home practice booklet to keep.

  • A toolbox brimmed with tools and techniques to support you in your day-to-day life. 

  • 4 Guided Meditations on Compassion and Kindness for you to keep.

Previous Breathing Space course participants tell us: 

“It gave me the chance to step back and reflect rather than react, which has helped change how I communicate.”

“The most transformational experience of my adult life.”

“I developed helpful skills for my everyday life.”

“Engaging, useful and relevant information. Heartwarming exercises and a nice pace.”

Led by: