Practicing Together

It’s easier to practice mindfulness when you’re doing it with others. Since 2002 Breathing Space has offered mindfulness projects for the local community. From supporting carers to offering free places on our courses and retreats, we’re dedicated to helping people flourish by coming together in a positive, supportive environment.



Young people

“Before I arrived, I had all sorts of feelings (depression, frustration, anger) and by the end of the day retreat I feel a completely different person – full of energy, relaxed, much calmer and I made new friends. Thank you for everything”


“I don’t know what else to say but this place is saving my life, all the staff are amazing and I can’t live without it. When I come here I feel I can leave everything behind. The meditation and retreats, this is helping me enormously and seriously, and not just me, everyone I know is saying that to me too…”


“I found the content to be practical and relevant to my life. The activities we practiced have been very helpful in managing day-to-day anxiety. I have found particular personal meaning in the principles of the course, particularly ‘being with’ less pleasant emotions and noticing how they reside in the body”