Heart Training: A New Response to Challenge (online, on zoom)

19th July to 12th August (8 sessions: Mondays and Thursdays) | 7-8.30pm

Breathing Space ran The Heart Training for the first time in 2020 online, and it returns by popular demand this summer, led by Priyavajra.

The course is suited for regulars and newcomers alike, equipping you with mindfulness and compassion skills. You will learn how to be a strong, positive support to yourself, and to your friends and families.

A training of heart can serve our mental health. Clinical studies show that having a mindfulness practice can boost the immune system, reduce stress and even lengthen life span. One of the qualities we can cultivate in particular is compassion for ourselves and others. It is one of the 6 ‘C’s that serve as principles in the care sector, and is at the forefront of the public health agenda.

The course hopes to be a valuable gift in learning tools and techniques to help manage your mental health and develop new responses to life’s challenges.

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What’s a session like?
A typical session might begin with a welcome and a presentation on the session topic; a short, guided meditation; small group discussion in breakout rooms (optional participation); a tea break with some gentle guided bodywork; large group question and answer with the teachers; and a deeper meditation to close. There are bespoke home practices offered after each session, guided meditations to keep, and a chance for a 1:1 wellbeing phone call with one of the Breathing Space team.

What People Say:
“Priyavajra is one of the best teachers I have come across – he is very knowledgeable, clear and has very helpful answers to all questions.”
“The information was delivered very clearly, with plenty of support. The structure was also well thought out and organised…. The presentation, everything was brilliant.”
“It’s been such an eye-opening experience, I’ve learnt so much about the mind and what it does.”
“It’s helped me with reducing stress levels and I have felt more grounded, hopeful and have coped much better.”
“The breakout groups are so welcome. You don’t feel alone, I felt so connected to others after and my experience felt shared by the group. Can’t recommend Breathing Space highly enough.”