Our mindfulness programmes equip you with the awareness and confidence to face the challenges in your life. Our courses teach you skills in meditation, mindfulness and self-reflection; leaving you better resourced to deal more effectively with difficulties and begin to cultivate positive, sustainable habits.

“We stayed with the same group over the eight weeks of the course and we all got to know each other well and that consistency was one of the things I really liked – I’m still in touch with some of the group.”


“Men today are confronting many different challenges on their roles in society, and dealing with things like job insecurity. These Mindfulness courses get you to acknowledge and deal with your troubles in very helpful ways. So many would benefit.”


“My mental health would have fallen apart had I not gone on this course”


What will I learn?

  • Develop focus and awareness

  • Understand the relationship between thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

  • Break free of unhelpful habits

  • Reduce ‘secondary’ stress and reactivity - the thoughts, feelings and judgements we layer on top of ‘primary’ stress.

  • Respond creatively to challenges and change

  • Deal with difficulties with more perspective and resources

  • Cultivate kindness and patience

  • Make wiser choices to help combat stress in the moment

  • Develop sustainable strategies to manage your own wellbeing.