Down to Earth

A four-week in-person course exploring our relationship with the natural world by deepening our practice of mindfulness.

21 June - 12 July (Mondays) | 7-9pm | In person

Many of us have established or renewed our connection with nature and green spaces during the pandemic. This in-person course will be exploring the ways in which mindfulness practice can deepen and extend that relationship. Connection with the natural world is essential for our own physical, mental and spiritual health as well as for the sake of the planet.

There will be talks, guided meditations, practical exercises and visits to local nature sites and input from local experts mixed with in-person teaching at Breathing Space. We’ll be able come together, share our experience, ask questions and learn from each other.

The course, which begins on the summer solstice, also coincides with the government's provisional date of the lifting of all restrictions. This date may be subject to change, and in the event of cancellation we will offer you a full refund.

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