The Compassion Break

 Monday 20th June | 7-8.30pm | On zoom

Compassion and kindness create states of wellbeing, inner freedom and emotional resilience. There are formal meditations where we can come into relationship with our own capacity for kindness. We can cultivate kindness within ourselves and we share that with others.

But how can we apply kindness when the going gets tough? When we feel anything but kind? The tendency, when we face stress, overwhelm or a negative emotion, can be to ruminate. We then spiral into negative mental states. It's difficult to get out. The Compassion Break breaks this circuit.

The tool gives us time to ground, regroup, and stabilise. We then can ask ourselves what we need. By building the Compassion Break into our lives, we cultivate greater emotional resilience. The workshop will take us through the tool step-by-step. We will have plenty of time to practice, share experience, and look at where we can build it into our day.

Then choose to do online or in-person 4 week Kindness Essentials 

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