Circuit Breaker: Three Stage Breathing Space

 Monday 17th October| 7-8.30pm | On zoom

In this series, we will often hone in on one tool in order to talk about how it works, how to apply it in day-to-day life, and share its benefits. In this session, we will explore The Three Minute Breathing Space. This tool is widely known to be a "game changer", according to our participants. In just three minutes, we can break a negative circuit of spiralling thoughts and emotions. This practice helps when we are stressed, anxious or even in day-to-day life, when we want to renew perspective and take stock of ourselves. At Three Minutes' long, it's the key mobile tool that packs a powerful punch. It can be used while queuing, waiting for a bus, or even in a work or personal meeting. This workshop will focus on unpacking the tool, a discussion on how it works best for participants, and the optimum times to apply it. Learn this tool, and transform your life.

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