Breathing Space Workshops

An online series of workshops designed to boost your mental health, resilience and wellbeing

Monthly Workshops| 7.00-8.30pm | Online on Zoom

What are the sessions? 

  • Join us each month and start or refresh your mindfulness toolbox.

  • Learn or relearn techniques proven to work in day-to-day life.

  • Each month, hone in on one aspect of mindfulness and compassion to deepen your understanding and practice.

What do you takeaway?

  • In-depth guidance and support.

  • Chance to ask questions and receive feedback.

  • Inspiration from sharing your practice with others in a breakout group.

  • Greater knowledge of mindfulness.

  • Connect with a like-minded community of practitioners.

How does it work? 

  • Choose individual monthly sessions to suit you or buy the series and receive a discount.

  • These workshops are a standalone offer or serve as a taster to our 8 week in-person courses held at Breathing Space.


Circuit Breaker: 3 Stage Breathing Space

17th October | With Cahit | 7-8.30pm

> Learn to break negative cycles of thoughts and emotions.

> Master a short meditation practice you can do at any time.

> Renew perspective and take stock of how you are. 

> Ask questions and share your experience.

Acceptance and Compassion

17th November | With Caro | 7-8.30pm

> Understand why we often adopt avoidance strategies
> Learn and discuss tools we can use to turn towards our experience
> Cultivate compassion through the 3-minute Kindness Breathing Space
> Be guided through an acceptance and compassion meditation
> Develop our own toolkit to help us face difficulty