Breaking Free

An 8-week course in preventing depression and low mood

8 weeks | Thursday evenings | 27th October - 15th December | 7.15-9.30pm

£170 / £120 (Concs)

What is the course about? 

This course is founded on the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy programme. It offers a guide on how to stay well, and how to sustain positive mental health. When we are in difficulty and low mood, we often use avoidance, denial or overthinking and rumination. This can cause us to spiral into increasing negative states and eventually we might find ourselves exhausted, and in even worse mental health states. On this course, we learn how to break free. We learn the common mind traps we often fall into. We become aware that most folk experience these traps; they are part of being human. We learn how we can begin to appreciate our lives just as they are. By learning how we can come into relationship with a greater compassion and appreciation for ourselves first, we can then begin to develop compassion for others. We can become emotionally liberated by using practical and accessible tools and techniques proven to safeguard and support our mental wellbeing, and enable us to break free of old conditioning.

We learn to reclaim our lives again, and are better equipped to make wiser choices that serve us.

The course gives us new, practical tools which serve as vital circuit breakers to negative thinking. We rediscover a sense of joy and appreciation. We identify positive habits that we already have, and try out new ones. We build up our reserves so that we can have a clearer purpose in our livesand experience greater joy. 

This is a course that is energising and uplifting, with plenty of time for practice, weekly home groups to build up trust, share our experience and offer peer support. Each week, we sustain the momentum with  home practice.

What do you take-away? 

  • 8 sessions in cultivating Positive Habits in a bespoke mindfulness venue.

  • An award-winning  book to keep from the founders of the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy programme.

  • Experienced leaders to help guide you.

  • Support from an assigned team member in your weekly home group

  • 15 minute mid-course wellbeing 1:1 phone check-in with Breathing Space

  • Weekly formal guided meditation teaching, and 7 recordings to keep.

  • Accessible home practice tasks, and a workbook for you to complete each week.

  • Summaries emailed to you after each session.

  • Connection with like-minded peers.

  • A chance to meet informally during the tea break over refreshments.

The Team 

Prajnadevi is an experienced holistic mindfulness practitioner and has been an ordained Buddhist for many years. Cahit is a practising Buddhist, runs our Carers Project at Breathing Space and is an accredited coachBoth leaders offer years of practice in mindfulness. The home groups are additionally facilitated by Breathing Space team members and these team members are on hand to offer additional support. You are also supported by an optional 1-1 phone check-in about your wellbeing during the course with a Breathing Space Manager.

Previous Breathing Space course participants tell us: 

“It gave me the chance to step back and reflect rather than react, which has helped change how I communicate.”

“The most transformational experience of my adult life.”

“I developed helpful skills for my everyday life.”

“I don’t have panic attacks any more, through this course I now notice when I am approaching them and take steps. I feel more in control of my life.”

“It has brought me back to me. Thank you.”

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