Attention Training Workshop

 Monday 23rd May | 7-8.30pm | On zoom

In our lives we increasingly divide our attention between activities. We might be scrolling on our social channels, while watching a film online with our friends remotely. We might be ordering dinner through an app, or cooking dinner, while ticking off today’s tasks on Gameify, and finalising a last minute email. We never turn off apart from when we sleep, and engaging with electronic devices before we go to bed has been proven to cause disrupted sleep. As a result, our anxiety increases and our wellbeing suffers.

On top of this, companies want our attention, and want us to engage with their products, services and activities. The challenge for us is how to commit to sustaining focus and relaxing properly. If we are constantly shifting our focus, we can become dissatisfied and restless, and end up not achieving anything.
What can we do? We train our attention.

In this 90 minute workshop, we will engage with techniques to train our attention and notice when we are going off course.

We will

> Understand why and how our minds are constantly being pulled in different directions and the anxiety this causes.
> Learn and discuss tools we can use to train our attention.
> Train our attention through a guided body, breath, thoughts and sounds meditation.
> Develop our own toolkit to maintain focus.
> Be able to ask questions and share our experience.

“You are not grappling with your inner issues alone on the course. There is solidarity. The tool which stood out to me was the Three Minute Breathing Space. It could even be three seconds; it's a way immediately of grounding oneself. That's so great when you are super stressed a lot of the time. We all need that.”

Sandy, participant on Bounce Back course 2022.

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