Acceptance and Compassion Workshop

 Monday 17th November | 7-8.30pm | On zoom

When we face difficulty, we can adopt either Avoidance Strategies or Approach Strategies.

Avoidance generally creates more anxiety as we go into rumination and spiral into stressful thinking and low mood. Avoiding the difficulty altogether also means we miss out on a sense of achievement and growth.

When we use an Approach Strategy, we turn towards the difficulty. To do so requires us to accept our situation.

In this workshop, we will explore how to accept our lives as they really are. Rather than suppressing, avoiding or catastrophising, we will turn towards the difficulty. We need to cultivate compassion for ourselves and others in order to truly accept how things are. Then we are able to make wiser choices and stand on firmer ground.

This 90 minute workshop shows you how.

We will:
> Understand why we often adopt Avoidance strategies
> Learn and discuss tools we can use to turn towards our experience
> Cultivate compassion through the 3-minute Kindness Breathing Space
> Be guided through an Acceptance and Compassion meditation
> Develop our own toolkit to help us face difficulty
> Be able to ask questions and share our experience.

“I rave about this all the time! My son’s playgroup now does one of the tools each day. I taught them a handy tool from the course. I have seen the massive difference it makes.”
Sansel, participant on Bounce Back course 2022.

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