Breathing Space London

by the London Buddhist Centre

Breathing Space London is the London Buddhist Centre's mental health and wellbeing project. We run secular courses and events that teach you the basic theories and applications of mindfulness and kindness practice. The courses are open to anyone and you don’t need any interest in Buddhism to join in.


Since 2004 Breathing Space has taught over 200 courses reaching over 7000 participants.

When assessed on WHO-5 Well-being Index, here is how our participants responded:

  • 69% reported better general mood

  • 76% could deal with situations with more calm

  • 66% reported increased energy levels

  • 73% reported better sleep and ability to relax

  • 68% reported more interest in day to day life


  • “Essentially I feel that it has set me on a road where I am going to have a richer and more fulfilling life”

  • “I feel so much calmer and accepting in myself which is a brilliant feeling”

  • “I found the content to be practical and relevant to my life”

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a skill you can develop to help you live better. Like any skill, it requires training, but with practice you’ll soon benefit. We've taught thousands of people how to activate mindfulness practices in daily life. On our courses we help you navigate changes you’d like to make, guide you through any challenges and offer you a fresh perspective on living a fulfilling life.

We are Buddhists

Breathing Space teachers are Buddhists practicing within the London Buddhist Centre community. Mindfulness and meditation is integral to our way of life. Many of our teachers have more than a decade’s worth of experience practicing and teaching mindfulness and meditation, giving their time freely. In addition, all Breathing Space teachers have been trained to teach specific mindfulness based approaches.

Does Mindfulness work?

Mindfulness practice has now firmly established credibility in a vast range of settings, from training elite athletes to supporting CEOs and medical professionals. It is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as a gold standard approach to improving positive mental health. Clinical trials conducted over the last 25 years have shown it to be effective. To find out more about how mindfulness can help you click here.